Stuffed Dates


22 dates (pitted)

100g cacao butter

cacao powder

1/4 cup maple syrup

Nuts - you can pick any


Vanilla powder/essence


Melt the cacao butter in Bain Marie (over a pot of simmering water). While it melts pit the dates without breaking them in half. Try to make a small cut on the side so that you are only able to remove the stone. Set aside

By the time you are finished your cocoa butter should probably be melted or almost melted. If almost melted mix with a spoon until it all melts. Switch the stove off and add the rest of the ingredients aside from the dates. Whisk well until all ingredients have incorporated and you have a smooth chocolate.

Let the chocolate cool while you stuff your dates with nuts. The chocolate will need to cool for about 20 minutes. You want to have a thicker consistency but still very runny.

Tip - You can stuff your dates with anything you want not just nuts. Any kind of chocolate or fruit and it will be just as delicious.

Once your dates have been stuffed and your chocolate cooled you can proceed to coat them. Drop the stuffed dates in the chocolate bowl and cover them completely. Remove from the chocolate and place in a plate to be cooled. You are welcome to speed this by placing your dates in the freezer. If not room temperature or the fridge will also work fine.

When the chocolate dates have cooled and the chocolate has set you can coat them in chocolate again. This is a preference more than part of the recipe so feel free to skip this step.

Let your dates cooled until the chocolate has Harden and they will be ready to be eaten.