Best VEGAN Mayo EVER! served with homemade plantain chips (Chifles)

This Mayo is life-changing! Trust me. It is so delicious, so different and just so yummy you will no be able stop eating it.

The chifles (plantain chips) are such a traditional Ecuadorian snack, they sell it outside of all schools with this delicious mayo. But not only that this recipe is Vegan, nut free, dairy free and also gluten free! so Literally everyone can have it.

Ingredients for the Mayo

(for a small bowl)

50 to 100ml of oil (sunflower or any flavourless oil) - (you might need more depending how big your tomato is)

1 Tomato

1/5 Red Onion

A tiny piece of a clove of garlic

Lime juice to taste

Salt (to taste)


Place all the ingredients in your blender aside from the salt and blend until smooth. Taste it and salt to taste. If the blend is a little bitter it might be because of the onion. Don't worry this can happen if your onions are very strong, just add more tomato and a little bit more oil and blend until smooth.


Chifles (Plantain chips)


1 Green Plantain

300ml oil (sunflower or vegetable)


Heat the oil on medium heat in a frying pan.

Using a mandolin thinly slice the plantain.

As soon as the oil heats up start adding the chips. Add them separately so they can crisp. They will only take about 20 second to fry so really keep an eye, otherwise they'll burn.

Let them cool and serve them with the mayo.


Mayonesa Roja

Ingredientes para el Mayo

(Para un tazón pequeño)

1 Tomate

1/5 Cebolla Roja

Un trozo pequeño de un diente de ajo

Jugo de medio al gusto

Sal al gusto


Pon todos los ingredientes excepto la sal en una licuadora o en un bowl para licuarlo con una licuadora de mano. Licuar todos los ingredientes hasta que consigas obtener una mayonesa mas o menos liquida. Prueba y añade sal y limón al gusto. Si la mezcla esta un poco amarga puede ser que la cebolla es muy fuerte, no te preocupes si esto te pasa, simplemente agregue más tomate y un poco más aceite hasta que consigas la mezcla y sabor adecuados.


Chifles (chips de plátano)


1 plátano verde

300ml de aceite (girasol o vegetal)


Caliente el aceite a fuego medio en un sartén.

Usando una mando chef, corte finamente el plátano.

Cuando el aceite este caliente empieza a freír. Trata de añadir los plátanos uno por uno para que no se peguen. Solamente toman 20 segundos en freír así que trata de estar atenta y sacamos cuando estén dorados.

Dejarlos enfriar y servir con la mayonesa roja.