Feijoada - For all meat lovers

I am not gonna lie but this is a little bit of a time consuming recipe but it is So good!! You will absolutely love it.

This recipe comes from Brazil and the ingredients are a little different as I do not live in Brazil. Don't worry about getting the exact same ingredients you can use similar ingredients wherever you are in the world so you can enjoy this delicious recipe.


500g of black beans (you can also use cooked but I am using raw)

2 medium white onions (sliced)

4 garlic cloves (cut into small squares)

500g the pork rib (previously cut in small pieces)

200g of smoked bacon (chopped)

500 g of pork loin (chopped)

2 smoked pork sausages (sliced)

2 large cds of white wine vinegar

Blink of chili peppers (optional)


Soak your black beans the day before (8 to 12 hours or overnight). Cook the black beans in a pressure cooker for about 30-40 minutes until they are soft, do not throw the water once cooked.

Season the meat with salt and pepper to taste.

Bring a large pan with high sides to a medium high heat. Add the bacon and let it brown. Once ready, remove and place in a bowl. In the same pan, fry the pork loin until slightly brown. Once ready remove and add to the bacon. Repeat this process with the ribs and sausages. (Do not add any oil to the pan as you will have plenty of oil coming from the meat.

In the same frying pan in which all the meat has been fried, we sauté the onions and cloves of garlic.

Once all of our ingredients are cooked add them to the pressure cooker. Pour 500ml of water (or add the water left over from the beans), two tablespoons of soft wine vinegar and mix well.

Cook 40 minutes in the pressure cooker on a medium heat.

After the 40 minutes let the pressure cooker cool a little before you open it. Mix well and check if meat is cooked, if soft you can serve straightaway while hot; if its a little hard let it cook for 15 more minutes.

you can serve it with steam rice and a slice of orange.




500g de frijoles negros

2 cebollas blancas medianas

4 dientes de ajo (cortados en pequeños cuadritos)

500g the costilla de cerdo (previamente cortada)

200g de bacon ahumado (previamente cortada)

500g de lomo de cerdo (previamente cortada)

2 salchichas de cerdo ahumadas (previamente cortadas)

2 cds grandes de vinagre de vino blanco

Pisca de pepitas de chile ( opcional)


Cocinar los frijoles negros en una holla de presión por aproximadamente 30-40 minutos (hasta que estén blandos), no tirar el agua una vez cocinados.

Sasonar la carne con sal y pimienta al gusto. Cortar las cebollas en rodajas finas.

En un sarten caliente, sin aceite, empezar a refreir el bacon. Una vez listo lo separas en un bowl. Después de esto en el mismo sartén, refries el lomo de cerdo y una vez listo lo separas en el mismo bowl del bacon. Se hace lo mismo con las costillas y las salchichas.

En el mismo sartén en el que se han freído todas las carnes ponemos a referir las cebollas y los dientes de ajo.

Una vez que todos nuestros ingredientes estén refritos los añadimos a la olla de presión, vertimos 500ml de agua, dos cucharadas de vinagre de vino blando y mezclamos bien.

Cocinar 40 minutos en un holla de presión.

Una vez listo lo puedes servir con arroz y una rodaja de naranja.